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Top 10 Restaurants in Killybegs

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The beautiful port town of Killybegs has the luxury of fresh seafood and some of the finest local produce in Ireland. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that Killybegs has some of the loveliest eateries on the island of Ireland. Restaurants in Killybegs have become synonymous for their seafood offerings, but they also have an array of other options for people to feast on. From coffee houses and hotels to bistros and bars, Killybegs is ripe for foodie exploration. Let your next bite to eat be here.

Mrs B’s Coffee House

For those who love traditional food with a twist, Mrs B’s coffee house is the place for you. Providing a quaint and cosy feel, the cafe is located on the Upper Main Street of Killybegs - a perfect place to stop after shopping for a hard-earned lunch. Taking pride in their servings, Mrs B’s Coffee House offers home-made sandwiches and soups, as well as supplying a variety of savoury dishes, including all-day breakfast. Renowned for their desserts, Mrs B’s Coffee House is the perfect place to relax with a coffee and a bun. They are vegetarian friendly and also offer gluten-free alternatives as well as vegan options. No time to stop? Get one of Mrs B’s takeaway options to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Mrs B's Coffee House
Mrs B's Coffee House (Source: Kenneth Allen)

Killybegs Seafood Shack

To go to Killybegs and not go to the famous Killybegs Seafood Shack would be a grand mistake. Killybegs is the largest fishing port in Ireland and to have fresh fish and chips on the pier is a real treat. This is something that the Killybegs Seafood Shack can provide. Offering a vast range that ventures further than the traditional haddock or cod, Killybegs Seafood Shack has offerings of calamari, seafood broil, seafood chowder as well as the traditional old favourites. With incredible views and large portions, Killybegs Seafood Shack takes fish and chips back to another level.

Killybegs Seafood Shack
Killybegs Seafood Shack Logo (Source: Killybegs Seafood Shack )

Ahoy Cafe

Located on the Shore Road, the Ahoy Cafe offers a maritime edge to the traditional cafe experience. It’s daily seafood specials are caught a stone’s throw away from the cafe, but they also serve brunch, as well as soups sandwiches, and other hot lunch options. For those who just want a coffee, they are a proud partner with Lavazza Coffee and can offer you this with a variety of baked goods. They are vegetarian friendly and have vegan and gluten-free options for those inclined. With outdoor seating, the cafe is also wheelchair accessible. For those who fancy a tipple at lunch, the cafe has an offering of wine and beer.

Boathouse Restaurant

One of the most popular and renowned restaurants in Donegal, the Boathouse Restaurant has been servicing clients with a penchant for fresh seafood for many years. Serving a dazzling array of fresh fish, the Boathouse restaurant’s starters comprise of everything from scallops and monkfish to crab claws. From half-roast silver duck and sirloin steak to brill and black sole, the Boathouse Restaurant has something for everyone to indulge in. Found on the Main Street of Killybegs, it has a distinctive blue coat of paint - so you can’t miss it! For those who observe a vegetarian diet, the Boathouse Restaurant can cater to your needs. A must-visit for seafood lovers everywhere.

Boathouse Restaurant
Boathouse Restaurant (Source:

The Turntable Restaurant at the Tara Hotel

Found in the esteemed Tara Hotel in Killybegs, The Turntable Restaurant has been providing outstanding service and cuisine for many years. Featuring regularly in the Traveller’s Choice Awards, The Turntable Restaurant has an extensive selection of meals with its Table D’hote menu as well as A la Carte menus to chose from. With a wide range of plates being served, guests can choose from traditionally focused meals to more contemporary cuisine. With a dedicated sommelier on-site, their wine selection is of a grand standard as well. Found on the Main Street of Killybegs, its proximity gives it fabulous views of Killybegs Harbour. A perfect setting for a warm evening meal.

The Turntable Restaurant  Killybegs
The Turntable Restaurant (Source:

The Bay View Hotel Restaurant

For those who want divine scenes of the Wild Atlantic Way, The Bay View Hotel Restaurant, otherwise known as Luke’s can give you that. A restaurant passionate about locally sourcing its ingredients, everything is prepared fresh to order - with fish coming straight out of the harbour. Luke’s offers sublime wine pairings and a stunning A la Carte menu. Situated right on the Main Street of Killybegs, it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With staff who have exceptional knowledge of the local area, Luke’s is a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a perfect place to enjoy a hearty meal in Killybegs.

Bayview Hotel
Bayview Hotel (Source:

Melly’s Cafe

Another central location, Melly’s was opened in 1956 on Killybegs Main Street and is still operated by the same family to this day. With great views of the stunning fishing port, Melly’s is a wonderful place to watch the world go by in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Renowned for its fish and chips, Melly’s Cafe has takeaway options available as well as its traditional table service options.

The Blue Haven Hotel

With lounges overlooking the bay, The Blue Haven Hotel is a gorgeous option for those who want a fine dining experience. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is perfect for those who prefer a modern and comfortable vibe. With a wonderful terrace, The Blue Haven Hotel doesn’t disappoint for those who enjoy sea views and seafood.

Blue Haven Hotel
Blue Haven Hotel (Source: John M)

Fusion Bistro

The Fusion Bistro is nestled above a shop near the old coastguard station in Killybegs. Quaint and warm, The Fusion Bistro offers an impressive selection of food with its main attraction being its fresh seafood. A five-minute walk along the Coast Road gives its location stunning scenic views of Killybegs. Having a variety of options from seafood and fusion to traditional Irish cuisine and street food, The Fusion Bistro is a hidden gem in Killybegs.

Hughie’s Bar

As with most of our picks, the incredible Hughie’s Bar can be found on the Killybegs Main Street. Renowned for its amazing pizza menu, Hughie’s Bar serves warm and traditional food in a cosy atmosphere. All food can be accompanied by a lovely pint, a perfect stop for those who fancy a tipple.

Hughie's Bar
Hughie's Bar (Source: Kenneth Allen)


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